We send on average 4 high quality signals daily (always with entry, TP, SL, chart analysis and updates) + a few trading ideas.

Our stop losses on average have 30 pips, but never more than 45 pips.

We make at least 1500 pips per month.

Our win rate is around 90%.

We advise trading with 1-2% risk per trade and never exceed 10% risk cumulative among all held positions.

Yes, we have a forex course which will teach you trading from A to Z, our strategies, how to avoid common mistakes, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and much, much more.

Check it out, here is our course’s website: courses.forex-rr.com

Yes! In our opinion support is very important. Our service includes 24/7 support, we always help our customers as best as we can.

Actually on forex you can start with every amount, you just have to pay attention to your risk management. I personally started with 80$.

On average out risk to reward ratio is 1 : 3.5

If you have any more questions, always feel free to contact us directly on telegram. We will always answer to all your questions 🙂



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