Welcome to our Forex RR Affiliate Program!

If you’re passionate about trading and eager to earn extra income, our affiliate program is the perfect opportunity for you.

How the Affiliate Program Works

1. Sign Up for Free
Joining our affiliate program is completely free. Simply sign up on our
website and get access to your unique affiliate link.

2. Get Promotional Materials
Get high-quality marketing materials for promotion and our marking
specialists support to help you succeed.

3. Promote Our Forex Signals Service
Share your affiliate link through your website, blog, social media,
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4. Earn Commissions
For every customer who signs up and subscribes to our Forex Signals

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Our Commission Structure:

  • 30% Commission: Earn 30% for the first 20
    customers you refer.
  • 40% Commission: Earn 40% for every
    additional customer after the first 20.

You will continue to earn commissions for as long as
the referred customers remain subscribed to our
service – this means a steady and recurring income
stream until they cancel their subscription.

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