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We provide high quality signals and courses.

What is covered in our service:

  • The best signals
  • Support from experts
  • Analysis on request
  • Free trading guidebook
  • Weekly watchlists

What You can expect:

  • 1500 pips monthly
  • 3-4 signals daily
  • All signals with TP, SL and analysis
  • Updates on all signals
  • High win ratio
  • Giveaways

Our signals are published on Telegram. Every customer get a direct contact to our mentors, so You can count on us at any time!


So how does the

product work?


 Receive a signal from us and place your trade



Wait for the price to hit our take profit


Collect your profits and wait for more signals!


This is how we work

Simple. Easy. Efficient.

As a few on the market, we publish on the Telegram. You can count on us at any time! We encourage all traders to cooperate.

Sample charts


Lets crack some numbers

We present you with quick data that will allow our company in a short way


Shared analysis


Take Profit hit


Helped traders


Earned pips


1 Month Subscription

0.95 € /daily
Signals with take profit, stop loss and chart analysis
1500 pips monthly
Trade arrangement
FREE guidebook
Support 24/7
Exclusive access to the VIP group
Cancel anytime

3 Month Subscription

You save 20 €
Signals with take profit, stop loss and chart analysis
1500 pips monthly
Trade arrangement
FREE guidebook
Support 24/7
Exclusive access to the VIP group
Cancel anytime

Lifetime Subscription

Unlimited access
Signals with take profit, stop loss and chart analysis
1500 pips monthly
Trade arrangement
FREE guidebook
Support 24/7
Exclusive access to the VIP group
Unlimited access

Feedback from our Customers


Emma Johnson
- I have tried a lot signals services but forex.rr is DEFINIETLY THE BEST 💪 🏿


Alexander Lee
- Great signals service 😎 been month with RR team so far and made 52% of my account


Sofia Patel
- These signals are amazing, better then in the other group I have ever been 🚀🚀🚀


Noah Chen
- I promise, the best signals service! 🔥


Olivia Rodriguez
- Thank you! Your analyzes are different from the ordinary… and very acurate 🔥


Liam Nguyen
- Looove your work. Keep doing it 😍


Isabella Kim
- Thank you for signals, they are incredible 👏 🏾


Lucas García
- That what are you guys do for people is amazing. Nowadays, in these hard Times, you help everyone in living


Mia Kowalski
- Thank you, your signals are really unique


Ethan Khan
- The best sigs I signed so far, thanks brother


Ava Lopez
- Hey RR. I want to say thank you for your hard work. It help me very much 🙂


Jacob Ali
- I love these low risk analisis


Charlotte Müller
- Radek my brother wow, I’m just amazed. You the best! I’m checking it out and you are the marker wizard, absulutely stunning! ️❤


Michael Gomez
- They signals and the course is great


Amelia Schmidt
-I love how you keep us updated, you are the best signals provider


Benjamin Rossi
- I already a subscriber and your signals are awesome! I totally love it how you manage your positions it’s just the next level


Harper Yamamoto
- Loving the signals. Really learning from it to be honest


James Silva
- Love RR! Good a analysis. I have not seen yet trader so close like you to your clients. Love your signals! Very complete and transparent, I can say they you are a real trader! No like others smoke sellers! Congratulations! Will stay with you for long long time! Thanks 💪👍💪


Evelyn Patel
- Appreciate these signals a lot


Daniel O'Connor
- I’m in their signals grpup, keep up the good work, best service ever. I made profits after profits


Abigail Cohen
- I enjoy their trades a lot


William Petrov
- Loving the premium group

Our Motivated Team

We are a team with many years of experience in trading, providing signals and teaching other traders how to take their trading career to the next level!

At RR, our vision is to empower traders worldwide to achieve better trading results
through the power of informed decision-making and strategic trading. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled value, transparency, and innovation, guiding each member towards their individual trading goals and aspirations!

Forex Course

This is how in You can master the art of analyzing the charts!

We put into this course tons of experience that we’ve gathered during the years of trading. Use this knowledge and elevate your trading to the new heights, even if you are a beginner!

Recommended Broker

Are you looking for a good broker?

As a broker we recommend Vantage Markets – they are regulated, with small spreads, welcome bonuses and over 10 years of experience.


We send on average 4 high quality signals daily (always with entry, TP, SL, chart analysis and updates) + a few trading ideas.

Our stop losses on average have 30 pips, but never more than 45 pips.

We make at least 1500 pips per month.

Our win rate is around 90%.

We advise trading with 1-2% risk per trade and never exceed 10% risk cumulative among all held positions.

Yes, we have a forex course which will teach you trading from A to Z, our strategies, how to avoid common mistakes, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and much, much more.

Check it out, here is our course’s website: courses.forex-rr.com

Yes! In our opinion support is very important. Our service includes 24/7 support, we always help our customers as best as we can.

Actually on forex you can start with every amount, you just have to pay attention to your risk management. I personally started with 80$.

On average out risk to reward ratio is 1 : 3.5

We answer every question as soon as we can. If you are looking for help, please contact us.

We will send the response to your email address.

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